Saturday, July 23, 2016

Beaujolais Blanc 2015, Domaine Dupeuble

I love the name of this domaine, sounds like "people who live in the pub". Joking aside, this venerable Beaujolais domaine can trace its origins back to 1512. Admittedly this was an impulse buy from the reasonably priced white wines shelf at Flatiron Wines in Manhattan. (I believe the spirit of the eclectic wine-buying king Klaus Martin entered into my mind). What a prize! First I rediscovered (via the Guide Hachette) the fact that Beaujolais Blanc is produced from chardonnay. The first nose smells like a drawer of fresh laundry, matchsticks, celery, artichoke, dried mushroom, almonds and lemon. There is a lot going on in the glass. Good apple, celery, dandelion, lemon pith flavours on the palate. A waxy finish. For the price, this is very interesting, somewhat reminiscent of the white wines from Santenay or even Marsannay. Scores 27/30 for a Beaujolais blanc.    

Friday, July 22, 2016

Pouilly-Fuissé 2013, Domaines Leflaive

Citrus bouquet more weighted to lemon than orange. Predominantly fruity not many floral aromas. No evidence of new oak but hints of vanilla point to some maturation in two year old barrels. Not an operatic nose. Full, punchy and demonstrative on the palate. Good mix of lemon, green apple and green gauge flavours - just ripe. Good length and finesses. Well made, balanced, needs 2 years to fully express its potential. 23/30 for a Pouilly-Fuissé.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Saint-Aubin "Les Pucelles" 2014, Lamy-Pillot

Back in 2009 I visited the Lamy-Pillot domaine and had a jolly good tasting. The wines seemed fruit driven and there was plenty of oak. A style suited to the American palate so good to see the message is getting through here in NYC. This 2014 Chardonnay has a radiant yellow colour, really most attractive. Pear, lime, vanilla, oak on the nose. A touch of honeydew melon. Good pear and apple fruit on the palate. Fresh and crystal. Mineral finish. For a village St Aubin this is very nice. Less fruity than prior wines from the domaine. Thoroughly recommend 25/30.

Morey Saint Denis 1er Cru "Les Ruchottes" 2004

My host in Toronto, the inimitable Dr Raj Maini, had read up on my negative tasting notes on the unripe 2004 vintage but nevertheless served this bottle. Very brave. Especially since I bought it for him. Yet... Yet... This turned out to be an inspired choice and bravo for keeping the bottle so long in three different continents. A genuinely foxy rim and brooding red brown colour. The nose is thrilling. Cranberry, huckleberry, Scottish raspberry and rhubarb which have somehow become sweet. No hint of the unpleasant moss, bark and capsicum aromas of earlier years. Lovely spice on the tertiary aromas of clove, aniseed and paprika. Decent on the palate too with good berry flavours which sustain the mature tannins. Scores 24/30 for a Morey 1er Cru. And a humbling experience. 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Finger Lakes "Davis Vineyard - Upper Block" 2012, Damiani

First tasted at the domaine in June this year I was thrilled to find some pinot produced in the US which approximated the structure, texture and flavour profile of Burgundy. Of the Finger Lakes wineries I visited Damiani produced the best wines although the range of grape varieties is too broad. This 2012 Finger Lakes pinot has a thick brick red colour. Shows both cool climate lightness (not quite like Alsace) and maturity. The nose is centred on raspberry, fresh cherry, red stone fruit, cloves, sweet aniseed. Lovely texture on the palate of small red berries. Fresh without being overly tangy. Red plums, decent evolved tannins on the finish. Could do with a touch more fruit substance but this intriguing slender style is balanced and perfectly proportioned. Scores 27/30 for a Finger Lakes pinot noir. And this is better than the much higher priced pinot matured in new oak from the Damiani winery. If you excuse the language, this would be a real bastard in a blind tasting. Everyone would go with a Burgundy. For the record, it is a much better wine than any pinot from California. Much appreciated the very insightful tasting with Michael Cimino - a certified sommelier with the Sommelier Society of America.  

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pouilly-Loché "Les Mûres" 2012, Clos des Rocs d'Olivier Giroux

I often find there is great value in the Maconnais whites which benefit from the Mediterranean climate as well as some steep hillsides and higher altitude than the Côte d'Or. I hadn't previously tasted wine from the Clos des Rocs domaine owned by Olivier Giroux who it turns out is not Olivier Giroud the arsenal striker. This Pouilly-Loché has a touch of butter, its floral, makes me think of yellow roses, courgette flowers, apricot skin. The second nose evolves to leeks, cooked celery and white asparagus -- typical for Pouilly. On the palate this chardonnay is pleasantly fresh with red apples, a touch of candle wax, fresh apricot, orange, and orange pith, Dry finish and shows maturity but not over the hill. Has another year before the fruit will deteriorate. Scores 23/30 for a Pouilly. Enjoyable, typical, good fruit, well made, no flaws, yet no thrill factor. 

Mazoyeres-Chambertin Grand Cru 2008, Taupenot-Merme

The Bourgoblog team tasted at the domaine in July 2014 and we enjoyed the wines although they seemed more on the glossy side with a heavy house style and not so much defined by terroir. But it was warm and it had been a long day of tastings... This grand cru from Gevrey has a dark cherry colour with some age on the rim. A heavy blackberry nose, rye bread, aniseed balls, vanilla and a touch of seaweed. Lovely (glossy) texture followed up by crunchy fruit. Cloves, possibly a hint of cardamom. Good length, harmonious structure, dried orange peel on the finish, spicy finish. No more than 2 years of evolution left which is surprising for a 2008. Scores 24/30 for a Gevrey grand cru. Definitely good and enjoyable but lacks some substance and complexity. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune "Clos Marc" 2014, Sylvain Langoureau

The name Sylvain Langoureau is one which seems to pop up in a lot of places. Amazingly I had never tried a wine from this domaine and captured a tasting note. So I procured this bottle from my trusted Manhattan wine merchant Flatiron Wines. Sadly this is not an enjoyable wine and it gave me flashbacks to tastings in Fixin of the notoriously bad 2004 vintage (1994 wasn't good either). Poured into the glass, this HCdB has the aspect of an anemic pinot from Riquewihr. The nose is of tomato, varied stalks, aniseed root, dried orange and scrapings of chalk. No surprise on the palate: twigs, moss, tart, tight, a narrow fruit profile that is thinner than linear. This HCdB is not badly made. It just smacks of grapes which were not ripe when harvested. Any thoughts readers on the 2014 vintage? Scores 8/30 for a Hautes-Côtes,

Friday, March 11, 2016

Willamette Valley "Momtazi Vineyard" 2012, St Innocent

Deep dark cherry colour. Consistent blueberry, black cherry and plum aromas. Hints of French oak, vanilla and cinnamon. Medium plus acidity, medium tannins, good dark berry and black tree fruit. More tangy than jammy. This is a serious almost brooding wine. Could be compared with a 2009 Volnay. Def one of the better Willamette pinots I have tasted recently. Scores 24/30 for a Willamette. Solid. 

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Willamette Valley "Eola-Amity Hills" 2013, Cherry Hill Winery

Appealing dark purple, plum colour. Black cherries, a touch of red apple. A little vanilla but not much. A fruit-driven, fairly elegant nose. Petite. Good ripe cherry and plum fruit on the palate. Medium tannins with a a bit of chewiness to them. But rounded and pleasant to drink. Texture is more impressive on the front palate than on the finish. Interesting clove and cinnamon flavours in the fin de bouche. Overall this is a better constructed Willamette pinot than many others I have tasted. There is ripe fruit without it being jammy, there is good balance and a consistent personality centred on surprise, surprise, cherries. Could be a nasty insertion in a flight of Savingy wines. Compared to a Cote d'Or red the mid-palate is too thin, like a woman with a couple of ribs missing who is wearing a corset. Nevertheless, I approve. Scores 22/30 for a Willamette Valley. 

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Bourgogne 2008, Leroy

This is a Maison Leroy production from the negociant business as opposed to Domaine Leroy, the wines produced from vineyards owned by the Leroy empire. A fair comment I feel if you imprint crowns on your labels and corks! Fairly slow to open, the primary aromas are of tangerine, pith, candle wax and Cox's Orange Pippin apple. Comes into its own on the palate, excellent structure, length, balance and personality. There is a concentration and seriousness on this Bourgogne blanc which impresses. Refreshingly saline and mineral on the finish, this wine is very drinkable and only now showing the first traces of sherry (manzanilla). Very impressive yet not as thrilling and luxurious as the Javillier Oligocene. Scores 27/30 for a Bourgogne blanc. Photo shows the domaine in Auxey with yours truly cycling past. 

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Gevrey-Chambertin "Clos du Meix des Ouches" Monopole 2010, Domaine des Varoilles

Originally tasted at the domaine in 2012 with a couple of dogs looking on, this bottle has been hauled from Puligny via Bucks to New York. Yet it shows no sign of travel sickness. Immediately open nose of cherry, strawberry, cinnamon, vanilla and almond flour. A ripe berry nose which is delectable. More plum on the palate. Berry dominated. Linear with good attack and proper Gevrey tannins. Has that freshness which encourages bottle emptying by the thirsty throng. Enjoyable and uncomplicated. Has another 5 years of evolution given the ripe fruit, acidity and good tannins. I bought a case but now wish I had bought two! Scores 25/30 for a Gevrey.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Meursault "Les Casses-Têtes" 2013, Domaine Jean & Gilles Lafouge

The Lafouge family have been producing wine since 1650 and I presume Jean and Gilles are brothers with their winery based in Auxey-Duresses. This Meursault has an appealing, reflective, bright silver yellow colour. The nose is a plump Meursault classic. Ripe oranges, honeydew melon, even touches of pineapple and banana. Feminine vanilla aromas. Despite being so forward on the nose, this Meursault has excellent balance, freshness, lovely melon and pear fruit and a surprisingly dry finish. This promises a good evolution for the next 3 to 4 years and some gouleyant drinking along the way. I believe Ammar Al-Gevrey would appreciate this unsung classic. Scores 21/30 for a Meursault.    

Willamette Valley 2014, Evesham Wood

The Evesham Wood winery is located a stone's throw from the town of Salem, Oregon. A little bit of blueberry, a touch of plum, a hint of smoke and a waft of tree bark. This is not an expensive wine ($21 from the winery, $30 in Manhattan) but nor is it particularly worth drinking. It is not undrinkable by any means but there is half a bottle which is likely to go into a coq au vin. There is just a lack of personality. It's medium to light weight. Nothing wrong with it though. It poses a Sartrian question: "Why should this wine exist?" Scores 15/30 for a Willamette Valley. I assume the single vineyard wines have more panache.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Willamette Valley "Mt Jefferson Cuvée" 2013, Cristom

At a recent wine-tasting event at The Clocktower in NYC I stimulated a mostly well-meaning discussion about Oregon vs California vs Burgundy. Obviously there is no competition but it is interesting to compare! This Cristom 2013 from the Willamette Valley (non-Oregonians must go there to learn how to pronounce the appellation) is a good example of what we discussed re Oregon. It seems to me the wine-maker is trying to make Burgundy-style pinot but in doing so has had to restrain the 'wilderness' characteristics of a good Willamette. Good berry nose, aniseed, some sous-bois, medium to low tannins, ripe and fresh berry fruit. Well-made yet inoffensive and therefore lacking in character. The moral of the story. Willamette should be itself, not a pale imitation of Gevrey-Chambertin. Scores 19/30 for a Willamette.  

Friday, January 08, 2016

Santenay 2013, Paul Pillot

Sombre purple coulour with a brighter, vivid fuschia rim. Ripe nose, amaretto, cherry, oak, strawberry, cedar. There is a lot going on. Ripe and powerful. Cherry/plum fruit, ripe, medium tannins on the finish, savoury despite the fruit which is a frequent trait in the Santenay terroir. Very good for a village quality Santenay. Scores 26/30.

Monday, January 04, 2016

Meursault-Charmes 1er Cru 2007, Guy Bocard

Another wine tasted blind and incorrectly identified as a 2009 Puligny. This 2007 has a medium-yellow, light straw colour. Shows very little sign of age or oxidation. Vanilla, sweet nose of yellow flowers such as buttercups. Ripe lemon and orange fruits. A bit indistinct on the nose. No obvious tertiary aromas. A lack of complexity. Medium weight, medium acidity, dry finish. This Meursault is still lively but there is a lack of concentration and fruit. Scores 20/30 for a Meursault 1er Cru. 

Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru "Morgeot" 2007, Vincent & Sophie Morey

Tasted at the now annual Bufties tasting between Christmas and New Year in Islington, this was the first of 10 wines tasted blind. A medium to light yellow colour, limpid, possibly a few green tints. Immediate nose of butter, oak, lemon and orange. Heavily toasted nose. Rich, evolved, flattening out, lemon dominated. Enjoyable and very fresh due to the bright 2007 vintage characteristics. Identified blind as a 2010 Meursault indicating the youthfulness that 2007 can bring. Overly toasty but good overall. Scores 20/30 for a Chassagne 1er Cru.         

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Saint-Aubin 1er Cru "Les Frionnes" 2004, Hubert Lamy

This premier cru Saint-Aubin has a surprisingly light, hay colour showing very little sign of ageing. Starts on oak notes, white flowers, citrus, very fresh. Absolutely no sign of oxidation. On the palate this chardonnay is mineral, linear and youthful with bright yellow citrus and apple fruit. Medium to high acidity. Could certainly evolve for another 3 to 5 years the only question is what more it has to give. The style is almost too austere and mineral to become expansive. And the oak a touch too dominant given the 11 years in bottle. Scores 21/30 for a Saint-Aubin 1er Cru. 

Pouilly-Fuissé "Prestige" 2008, Nadine Ferrand

From time to time I make a raid over the border into the département of Saône-et-Loire where the lovely wines of the Maçonnais are found. This bottle was extracted from a mixed case of Pouilly-Fuissé 2008 bought at the excellent caveau in the village. The Domaine Nadine Ferrand seems rather well organized and offers three different cuvées. Naturally I plumped for the best. This Pouilly-Fuissé has a deep yellow colour with amber notes. There is butter, marzipan, apricot, vanilla and banana bread on the nose. Honeydew melon, thick orange and apricot fruit, good impact on the front of the palate, with a honeyed texture and a hay finish. We are clearly in the influence of the Mediterranean! This wine has aged gracefully and is now at the peak of its powers. Scores 25/30 for a Pouilly-Fuissé.